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Why our services will help your business.

Learning organisations are the place of choice for today’s desirable workforce talent. Innovation, better communication, improved culture, motivated workers, and a safe and healthy working environment are influencers for improving staff retention, customer loyalty and increasing productivity.

Learning supports knowledge transfer within your business at this time of unprecedented change, challenge and opportunity for New Zealand business. Active continuous learning will reduce costs caused by ineffective training, compliance costs and avoidable recruitment expenditure.

Think Learning partner with the best content, training, and platform providers to ensure your business can achieve learning outcomes that suit the size of your business, your industry demands and the needs of your team and stakeholders.

How our services will help your business.


Whether you prefer a quick brainstorm or a more intensive strategic planning session, we can assist. Knowing where to start and having a defined plan will save you considerable time and give you the confidence to make informed decisions.

Training Needs Analysis

Determining the competency, skill and knowledge of your workers and aligning them to the needs of your business will ensure you can identify the right training. Gaining this insight will contribute to engaged participants and the success of your business.

Learning Design and Content

You might start with your staff induction process or give some structure to your health and safety programmes starting simple and involving your team will contribute to engagement. Whether you have content to move online, want to develop blended learning programmes, or use us to produce material for you, we can help. More detail here

Project Management

Getting the job done can seem overwhelming. Limited resources – human or material – can make a relatively simple task unachievable. Use our network of skilled service and solution providers to ensure your project is on time and budget.

Webinar Facilitation

Let us deliver your message to your audience. Online conferencing has seen a significant rise in popularity during COVID. Its benefits of being able to reach geographically spread audiences very cost-effectively mean they are and will continue to be, an excellent platform for communicating your message. We, via our partner Magpie Media, have been delivering facilitated webinars for a diverse range of businesses since 2010. We have developed best practice webinar delivery based on both local and international research and our extensive real-world delivery experience.

Business Development Resources

We are committed to helping small business and medium enterprise grow. Use our resources and information to help develop your strategies and plans. We are here to help when you need our expertise.

Business development for developing businesses

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